Best Hockey Games to Play in 2023: Top Virtual Ice Adventures

In the same way that fans of football play titles like Football Manager and FIFA, hockey fans have also had a wide range of hockey games to get through over the years. Some titles are accessible on mobile, while others can be enjoyed on a PC machine. 

Hockey games have always been fun to play, too. For fans of the sport, it allows them to experience the fast-paced action of a hockey match in the virtual world, while they can also play along as their heroes and play with the team they support passionately. Additionally, there are ice hockey games and other hockey-themed creations with an arcade feel, alongside a wide variety of other hockey products that all highlight the popularity of this much-loved sport. 

With new and improved games entering the fore on a regular basis, coupled with some old classics that are being explored on Android, for example, let’s take a look at some of the top hockey games to play in 2023. 

NHL 22 is a favored choice on PlayStation

Particularly popular with PlayStation 4 owners, NHL 22 is easily one of the best hockey products to be ever released on Sony’s well-liked product. An ice hockey simulation title that is developed by EA Vancouver and published by EA Sports, there are plenty of fun aspects to this solid creation. For many, the Be A Pro game mode is the highlight, as they create their very own player and embark on a career in the sport. Players of the game can also make the most of a variety of online modes, while the game’s graphics and gameplay are mightily impressive. 

Break Away: Lucky Wilds slot is a great hockey-themed game 

Browser games are still popular in the modern environment, particularly given the enhanced products that are now available to play in seconds at most top online casinos. Break Away: Lucky Wilds slot is a great hockey-themed game that has certainly pulled in gaming audiences in recent times, with the game’s ice hockey theme providing an eye-catching offering for hockey fans, while the action that plays out on a 5×5 grid which offers 88 pay lines makes for an exhilarating gaming experience. Also offering crowd noise and a stadium announcer as you play, Break Away: Lucky Wilds is worth looking at. 

NHL Hitz is a classic 

A classic 2002 release that can be accessed on mobile and through popular browser gaming sites, NHL Hitz is a hugely entertaining game that many people grew up with. From the pop soundtrack to the game’s fighting aspect, NHL Hitz will never be forgotten. If you can, play it now.

Blocky Hockey is an arcade favorite 

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Accessible through devices like a tablet or a smartphone, Blocky Hockey is a charming arcade game that offers plenty of comical value. While the game’s overall theme is lovely, it’s a fast-paced offering as it includes runner mechanics and even fighting. Along the way, you can get through a selection of playable characters, there’s a great multiplayer mode, and it’s a really entertaining product to dip in and out of for a short while. 

Franchise Hockey 2022 is popular on mobile 

If you’re keen to add a hockey title to your smartphone device, then Franchise Hockey 2022 is definitely one of the better options that are out there. A free-to-play product, the game tasks gamers with putting a team together, attacking a season, training and essentially improving players, and loads more. Additionally, there are things to collect and unlock, although you can avoid them for a cheaper gaming escapade, given the game’s free-to-play aspect. Overall, Franchise Hockey 2022’s popularity makes sense. 

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