Inconceivable that football will return for the next three to four months: Gary Neville

The former Manchester United player Gary Neville doesn’t think that there is any chance for the Premier League action to resume in April or May.

The Premier League, for now, is suspended only till 30th of April, but Neville reckons the suspension will go way beyond that as there won’t be enough resources for the football games to take place in the next three or four months.

There has been a school of thought if the pandemic eases a little bit in UK, the games might be played behind closed doors with no fans.

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But, according to Neville, the clubs will still need the services of the police and the ambulance while organizing games and those services won’t be available because they will be needed elsewhere.

“It's inconceivable that football will return for the next three to four months because of the fact that we've just been put essentially on a lockdown,” Neville was quoted as saying by CNN.

“Football will not return because all the resources that are required to run a football stadium, which requires the police and the ambulance services, will not be available in the next few months,” Neville further added.

Neville is someone who has always been known for speaking his mind and he was a little unhappy about the fact that the Premier League did not make the decision of suspending the games despite the COVID-19 pandemic hitting UK and the cases emerging.

Premier League eventually made the decision of suspending the games only after the Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta contracted the virus and was tested positive.

If the ongoing Premier League season doesn’t complete, some people are of the view that Liverpool FC should be declared the champions as they are 25 points clear at the top of the table.

But, it’s not that straightforward because it’s not just the question of who wins the title. It’s also about the Champions League spots and the relegation battle for which the season needs to complete.

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