Jurgen Klopp vs Carlo Ancelotti: Head-to-Head Record | Stats | Tactical analysis

Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti are two of the most best man managers in the game, and their accomplishments with their respective teams have garnered them admiration across Europe. They're now looking forward to meeting in the Champions League final on May 28th at Stade de France.

Both managers reached the pinnacle of club football (yet again) and are now one match away from making history with their respective clubs. If they win the football's highest-order title, the two will set distinct records.

Their paths to the final have been markedly different. Despite being tagged as an ageing squad, Real Madrid has consistently outperformed elite European teams, which explains why their monster mindset has kept them battling till the last whistle.

Overcoming teams like PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City who were deemed favorites for the competition, is a massive achievement. Carlo Ancelotti and his players deserve a lot of respect for this.

Although Klopp had easy fixtures, but we should not underestimate this Liverpool side who have won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, cut 14 points deficit to one point in the Premier League, and was on Manchester City’s tail until the last game of the season to decide the title fate of.

Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti will meet on 28th May and battle for the holy grail. It will be a high-intensity game with a different mindset and approach. The two astounding managers, Klopp and Ancelotti, set to meet for the 11 times.

Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti have come across each other 10 times, and we take a look at who has the most wins.

Carlo AncelottiRecords Jurgen Klopp
10Matches 10
4Won 3
3Lost 4
3Draws 3
3UCL Titles 1

The two managers have met ten times, with the Italian manager edges his German counterpart in last meetings.

Their Champions League triumphs, on the other hand, demonstrate their dominance. Klopp is in his fourth Champions League final, while Ancelotti is the first manager to reach five.

Jurgen Klopp vs Carlo Ancelotti: Tactical analysis 

Both are recognised for their unique methods of operation; Jurgen Klopp has a plethora of high-calibre players capable of outclassing Real Madrid. 

And it will be interesting to watch how the men in white can exploit Liverpool's defence, which has maintained the cleanest sheets in the Premier League.

Klopp and Ancelotti have favoured 4-3-3 in their Champions League campaign. But the approach is different; Klopp expects high metal football where his players press with high intensity.

If we go back to the 2018 Champions League final, Liverpool were in a commanding position and looked more threatening and lively until Salah was hobbled off. Liverpool's intensity dropped, and Real Madrid enjoyed more time on the ball.

It will be the same Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp, but a different Real Madrid side under Carlo Ancelotti, who will look to find spaces, and for that Modric and Kroos are their central character who are superior ball holders

Real always looks to defend deep, with Casemiro acting as a fifth defender, and hitting on the counter-attack from the wings, and it remains to be seen how Vinicius and Benzema will combine from Alexander-Arnold’s side. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold is an aggressive right-back who thrives on the attack, but has several shortcomings while defending, and Vinicius Jr will look to expose them.

In the match vs Chelsea, Benzema dropped deep to act as an extra man and swapped passes with Kroos and Vinicius; his return pass between the lines sent the Brazilian running down the line, which caught Rece James off guard and allowed Vinicius to feed a cross to Benzema, who sprinted in the box to head the ball beyond Mendy. 

The Frenchman is more than a striker who will drift out wide to create space for his partner and stretch Liverpool's defensive line with his moments to create two-vs-one situations, then sprint into the box to finish.

Klopp will be cautious of the pair. But the German has Konate and Van Dijk on his side, who are taller and can outmuscle the Frenchmen in aerial combat.

Madrid will have to be wary of Liverpool's set-pieces, as they have scored eight goals from them in the Champions League, including four from corners.

Klopp's team has flashes of brilliance both on and off the ball, and they are excellent risk takers. It's a mix of an exact moment we've seen when Thiago releases the ball, and you'll notice Salah or Mane running past defenders at the right time.

And when out of possession, they put immediate pressure to create chaos for the opponents to misplace their pass. Carlo Ancelotti is prepared; Modric and Kroos are ideal players for this circumstance because they are ball perfectionists who can absorb pressure and create space.

The gaffers are ready to counter each other’s mistakes through their pre-eminent players when they meet each other and we are just a few days away from witnessing the mouth-watering prospect between them.

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