LA Lakers v/s Pheonix Suns NBA Playoffs: Game 2 Preview

LA Lakers vs Pheonix Suns NBA Playoff: Game 2 Preview

NBA Playoffs have kicked off and how! A lot of surprises in Game 1 of Round 1 in the 7 game series format of the NBA Playoffs. 

We take a look at few improvements that the Lakers need to make to overcome the Pheonix Suns in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs.

Takeaways from the Phoenix Suns' thrilling Game 1
Devin Booker Dominated Game 1 - Source - Valley of the Suns

Los Angeles Lakers v/s Pheonix Suns are one of the Playoffs that everyone has their eye on, Lakers who are the defending champions have struggled all season long due to injuries and poor show from the stars. 

Game 1 has concluded, and the Los Angeles Lakers got a beating that very few of the viewers expected. The game was dominated by Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton, both making their debut in the Playoffs. 

NBA Playoffs: 3 takeaways from the Lakers' Game 1 loss to the Suns - Silver  Screen and Roll
Ayton Dominated the Paint - Source - Silver Screen and Roll

Anthony Davis, Montrezl Harrell, and Andre Drummond struggled throughout, both at the offense and defense. 

All three of them combined had only 19 rebounds, whereas Ayton himself had 16 rebounds

Another area of struggle for the Lakers was the Free Throw Percentage which was abysmal 60% with Pheonix Suns at 83.3% and a poor 3-Point Percentage at 26.7% where Pheonix Suns at 32.1%.

Lakers vs Pheonix Suns: Game 2 Strategy

1) Improve the Free Throw Percentages:

Lakers need to step up in this department in Game 2 against the Pheonix Suns. LeBron James is not usually considered to be a good free-throw shooter, but considering the ball time he has in the game, it is expected that he will be fouled for a good amount of time and will have to shoot from the line. 

The same goes with Andre Drummond and Anthony Davis, Davis is usually a great free throw shooter, but struggled in Game 1.

Frank Vogel explains why Montrezl Harrell, Marc Gasol haven't played  together - Silver Screen and Roll
Marc Gasol Should get more game time - Source - Silver Screen and Roll

2) Switch from Montrezl Harrell to Marc Gasol:

The decision of giving Harrell 14 minutes over Gasol's zero was a poor decision by the coach. 

Not to forget Gasol has won a Ring with the Toronto Raptors, and the court needed a veteran presence alongside LeBron James to control what is going on inside the paint. 

Hopefully, this can be improved in Game 2.

3) Replace Schroeder with Defensive First Point Guard:

Without a Doubt, Dennis Schroder is one of the best offensive Point Guards in the league, however, to contain Chris Paul, there has to be a Point Guard who thinks about defense first and then the offense. 

If LeBron guards Devin Booker, Chris Paul needs to be contained and Alex Caruso should be preferred over Dennis in this Case.

Frank Vogel says Alex Caruso deserves All-Defensive Team consideration -  Silver Screen and Roll
Alex Caruso needs to Contain CP3 - Source - Silver Screen and Roll.

Lakers have found themselves in this situation last year twice in the Bubble against the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trailblazers, but they came out winning both the Series and the Championship. But, this season is different

Lebron and Davis have been injured in the business end of the Regular Season and the effects are still been seen. 

Who comes out the winner in Game 2 between the Lakers vs Pheonix, let us find out tomorrow. 

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