Chris Wilder Kick-offs after contract extension with VAR finally in his favor!

After a contentious call cost West Ham against Sheffield United, Declan Rice was one of the most furious players on the pitch. The game ended up in Sheffield United’s favour as they clinched their first victory after the Blades boss, Chris Wilder extended his contract with the club following an impressive run in the Premier League.

West Ham suffered their first defeat under David Moyes and the players were disappointed. Rice looked like he had set up Robert Snodgrass’ leveler in stoppage time at Bramall Lane but then this season’s biggest villain for the Blades finally helped them sigh with relief as VAR stepped in and disallowed the goal as there was an accidental handball situation.

Although Rice didn’t deny that the rules were not implemented correctly, he believed it was a crazy decision and openly insisted that the top-flight players would like the concept of VAR to be scrapped. Rice told Sky Sports,” Livid. It’s a really tough place to come and play. I thought we did well. A point on the road here would have been good for us.”

Declan Rice (Photo Courtesy: Sky Sports)

“I’ve just watched it back before coming on the camera. The defender has knocked the ball into my hand. I know I’m in a forward running motion, but he’s headed the ball into my hand and of course if you’re running with your arms out then it’s handball in the rules but I’ve not intentionally meant to handball it.”

“Michael Oliver hasn’t seen it. The VAR checks it and it’s a real kick in the teeth. I don’t think it’s just me. It’s the thought of pretty much every Premier League player. I don’t think anybody wants to have VAR in the game. There have been so many decisions this season that have been crazy.” Rice expressed his concern but what he doesn’t realize is that VAR will give the right call and the fact that VAR will never give any verdict depending on the mood of the players or the intensity of the game, completely disagreeing with Wolves manager, Nuno, who wanted a rightly given offside decision in his team’s favour because the game's intensity was high.

Moyes praised Declan Rice’s attempt calling it a good bit of play and was subtle enough calling the decision incorrect only because the goal looked good. 

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