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With the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 just around the corner, Sportco lists down the complete schedule for the Men's Volleyball event. 

Brazil have been the best team in the history of Olympics Men’s Volleyball with 3 gold medals to their name, they also managed to win the VNL 2021 against Poland. 


The 12 Qualified teams are divided into two pools. Each team goes up against each team in their pool and the nations to finish amongst the first 4 of each pool qualify for the knockouts. 

The knockouts begin with quarterfinals and continue until the grand finale with one 3rd place match as well. The Men's Volleyball event in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 will take place in the Ariake Arena. 



Pool A Men’s Volleyball Schedule Tokyo Olympics 

*All the timings are set as perJapan Standard Time (JST)

24th JulyItaly vs Canada9:00 
24th JulyJapan vs Venezuela16:25
24th JulyPoland vs Iran19:40
26th JulyIran vs Venezuela9:00
26th JulyPoland vs Italy 14:20
26th JulyJapan vs Canada19:40
28th JulyCanada vs Iran9:00
28th July Poland vs Venezuela16:25 
28th JulyJapan vs Italy19:40
30th JulyCanada vs Venezuela 9:00
30th JulyJapan vs Poland14:20
30th JulyItaly vs Iran19:40
1st AugPoland vs Canada9:00
1st Aug Italy vs Venezuela 16:25
1st AugJapan vs Iran 19:40



Pool B Men’s Volleyball Schedule Tokyo Olympics

*All the timings are set in JST.

24th JulyBrazil vs Tunisia11:05
24th JulyROC vs Argentina14:20
24th JulyUnited States vs France21:45
26th JulyUnited States vs ROC11:05
26th JulyFrance vs Tunisia16:25
26th JulyBrazil vs Argentina21:45
28th JulyUnited States vs Tunisia11:05
28th July Argentina vs France14:20
28th JulyBrazil vs ROC21:45
30th JulyBrazil vs United States11:05
30th JulyArgentina vs Tunisia16:25
30th JulyROC vs France21:45
1st AugBrazil vs France11:05
1st Aug ROC vs Tunisia14:20
1st AugUnited States vs Argentina21:45

Quarter-Finals Schedule – Men’s Volleyball

3rd AugQuarterfinals 19:00
3rd AugQuarterfinals 213:00
3rd AugQuarterfinals 317:00
3rd AugQuarterfinals 421:30

Semi-Finals Schedule – Men’s Volleyball

5th AugSemifinals 113:00
5th AugSemifinals 221:00

🥉Bronze Medal Match – 7th August at 13:30

🥇Gold Medal Match – 7th August at 21:15

Will Poland get their gold medal and revenge against Brazil this time or will Brazil get their 2nd gold medal this year. 

According to reports, Poland are the favorites to win the gold but the odds are not always accurate. Looking at the packed schedule above, we are expecting to see a thrilling display in the Men's Volleyball event at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

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