Are broadcasters' demands affecting Indian cricket?

After 2016, the Indian Cricket Team has been playing very frequently as of late, with series occurring every month and fewer days of rest for the players. During the two months when India does not play international cricket, players play 14 T20 matches non-stop in the IPL. That begs the question,

Are broadcasters' demands affecting Indian cricket?

Let us rewind back to 2022 when the Indian cricketing schedule was jam-packed. In that year, India played 4 Tests, 24 ODI, and 36 T20Is. The schedule was so exhausting for the players that they were 6 captains leading India across all 3 formats. A new squad was played after every series and India did not stick to the same playing XI and kept on rotating the players to keep them injury free.

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This situation would not arise if the broadcasters had not demanded the Indian cricket team to play so much. This also resulted in key players such as Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja getting injured before the men's T20 World Cup.

A notable example was in 2021 where just 3 days after the T20 World Cup final, New Zealand toured India for a T20I and test series. This series had no significance and had not context of the two teams playing each other.

To ensure that the players do not feel burned out and stay physically and mentally fit, there should be a two-month period where India does not play international cricket. This 2-month gap can also see Indian players play in different T20 leagues to get familiar with the foreign conditions, which can be helpful while playing in ICC tournaments.

Broadcasters demands have also seen the death of tri-nation series being played between 3 countries. These games add context to the games and make them more interesting, rather than just the usual bi-lateral series taking place. 

But with every ICC tournament occurring every year till 2031, it is likely that the players will not get a breather and they would continue to play non-stop cricket in the coming years. With the amount money involved, it is unlikely that the number of cricket matches would reduce and players will continue to feel the burnout.

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