Manchester City players should not leave, say Premier League legends

Former Liverpool defender turned TV pundit Jamie Carragher has claimed that Manchester City's stars should not consider leaving following their Champions League ban. 

Etihad chiefs might face a fight to keep their star players like Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling after they were found guilty of seriously misleading UEFA. 

The reigning Premier League champions were fined £25 million and barred from any sort of European competitions for two years. 

The manager Pep Guardiola has already reassured his players that he will not be leaving even if the Citizens were demoted to League Two. 

And speaking on Sky Sports Monday Night Football, Carragher believes the City stars also should stay loyal to the club just like their manager. 

The Liverpool legend said: "None of these players should even consider leaving Man City. What Man City have been accused of, allegedly found guilty of, means they can spend more in the market and more on player wages. 

"Some of those players are getting £300,000-plus a week perhaps and Man City have decided to pay those, and you are asking them to take that and maybe not win a European Cup. 

"You think of Juventus and when (Gianluigi) Buffon stayed and was loyal, that’s what they should be doing at City. 

"But I cannot believe they are still allowed to be in this competition this season. What would happen if they win this competition this season? It will be a mockery of the competition. 

"UEFA will be desperate for Madrid to beat City, can you imagine a UEFA delegate having to hand the trophy over to a Man City player? 

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"The first question that will be asked to Pep in the presser will be is it a fake win? They are in it now but if they win it, it will be tainted. It will be the biggest thing for City if they win it, but the players and Pep will only be asked about whether they deserved to win it? 

"UEFA should have taken them out of the comp now or wait until the end of the season. This appeal will go to CAS and then the Swiss courts and it will be ongoing and ongoing. 

"But how would City ever change their position in United’s shadow without that ownership coming in? you cannot just do it gradually. 

"But of course, Man City knew the rules from the very start and they tried to get around them, and if found guilty they should be punished." 

Gary Neville, former Manchester United skipper and now colleague of Carragher agreed with the Liverpool legend. 

He said, "I have had a long held view on FFP. 

"It is not just because I am the owner of Salford and how we would still be in the lower divisions without the investment, but the idea that man city aren’t allowed to invest money through ownership is wrong. 

"I have always felt FFP is wrong. Bury went bust and FFP was meant to be stopping those things happening but there are different ways of achieving that. 

"Owners should be able to fulfil contracts, pay players and keep the club running in a healthy way and Man City have that.

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"We would never have seen the emergence of so many clubs without outside ownership, especially if you aren’t the likes of United, Liverpool or Arsenal with a history that allows sustainable income that allows you to compete. 

"FFP stifles investment in clubs that can stimulate communities like Blackburn or Leicester in the past. 

"I think City will beat UEFA because I have no faith in UEFA and they are hopeless. It would be erratic disciplinary sanctions for different things but City will beat them. 

"To suggest Man City would ever catch Man United through organic growth is absolute nonsense. Man United are so far in front with their fan base, scale and everything. 

"The only way Man City can get there is through owner investment. 

"Do I like it that man city are having success as a United fan? No. but to be anti-competitive in football is ridiculous. It goes against everything we believe in this country. 

"Owners have to be able to invest in these clubs, but yes they have to pass a fit and proper owners test and be able to cover obligations and contracts. 

"That’s the two things that FFP should be ensuring and it should happen at every club. But FFP is nonsense."


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