Footballers who have broken quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic

Footballers across the world have been asked to stay in self-isolation amid the rising cases of coronavirus. But some footballers have broken the quarantine and displeased their club, and in some cases, their nation’s head. 

Here are a few footballers who have broken quarantine

Jack Grealish, Aston Villa

The Aston Villa star crashed his car early on Saturday morning just hours after urging fans to stay indoors amid the coronavirus pandemic. He had reportedly partied at a friend’s house despite the lockdown. Pics of him standing beside his damaged £80,000 worth Range Rover has went viral. He was seen in a hoodie, shorts, a black slipper, and a white slip-on sandal. He allegedly boasted to the motorists that he would pay for the damages.

Luka Jovic, Real Madrid

The Real Madrid star claimed he received permission from Real Madrid to go home in Serbia. But instead of staying at home, he was seen out on the streets of Belgrade with his partner Sofia Milosevic to celebrate her birthday. 

He said he wasn’t instructed what to do during self-isolation. The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic criticised Jovic for breaking quarantine. His father said Jovic must accept punishment for it, if he is proven guilty. He also claimed the pics of Jovic and his partner that have gone viral are from Spain and not Serbia.

Mason Mount, Chelsea

The Chelsea star was seen playing kickabout with West Ham's Declan Rice despite being told to stay in self-isolation for 14 days after Callum Hudson-Odio tested positive for coronavirus. Mount was reprimanded by Chelsea and reminded of his responsibilities. He subsequently apologised to Chelsea boss Frank Lampard for his actions.

Cover image credits: Gunners Town

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