Team Italy wins the men's 4x100m relay event after 73 years!

Marcell Jacobs created history last week itself before stamping his name in the history books once again just last night. Team Italy, which featured Marcell Jacobs, won the gold medal in the men’s 4x100m relay event at the Tokyo Olympics. 

First-ever medal for Italy in the 4x100m relay event since London, 1948

A joyous year for the Italians as they celebrate glory in another sporting event. Italy has managed to come up to the 4x100m relay and win the gold medal. They were not the favorites at all before the event. 

Marcell Jacobs, who was an underdog himself, managed to win the first-ever Gold medal in the 100m sprinting event since the Usain Bolt era. He also helped Italy with winning its first-ever medal in the 4x100m men’s relay sprint, and not just any medal but an Olympic gold. 

How it unfolded at the 4x100m Relay event?

A national record was set in the event for the Italians as they completed the lap in just 37.50 seconds

It was overall an amazing event for Italy. Marcell Jacobs now leaves the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as a 2-time champion. 

The team that bagged the gold medal for Italy in the 4x100m relay consisted of Marcell Jacobs, Lorenzo Patta, Eseosa Desalu, and Filippo Tortu

The Lead-off runner was Patta who handed it off to the 100m champion Marcell Jacobs, Desalu continued the sprint, Tortu was the receiver at the anchor. 

Tortu touched the line at the 37.50 seconds mark, it was a historical run as he managed to edge out Mithcell-Blake by just .20 seconds. 

What does it mean for Great Britain and Canada?

Team Great Britain came in the second position by an extremely close margin as they would complete the sprint in 37.70 seconds

Team GB had last won a medal in this event back in 2004, where they were the ones who finished at the first position by 0.20 seconds when they beat the USA.

Team Canada finished at 3rd with the sprinting Andre de Grasse winning his 3rd medal in the Tokyo Olympics. 

De Grasse came in the third position at the 100m sprint, won the 200m sprint, and finished 3rd at the men’s 4x100m relay event. With this achievement, de Grasse now becomes Canada’s most decorated male Olympian.

 As for Canada, they did not look like they were going to win any medal until de Grasse took the baton in his hands. This Olympics has been one to remember with so many new champions. 

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