Team USA has their first ever mother-son Olympic Gold Medalist

USA Men’s Basketball Team bring in their fourth straight Olympic Gold Medal in basketball, with a win over France in finals at Tokyo Olympics. 

With the USA being the winner, JaVale McGee is now an Olympic Gold Medalist, just like his own mother, Pamela McGee.

JaVale and Pamela McGee made Olympic basketball history after becoming the first mother-son Gold medalists for USA. 

Pamela McGee won the Olympics Gold Medal in women’s basketball even back in 1984. With this feat, they become the first-ever mother-son duo to win an Olympics Gold in basketball. 

Team USA might have had a rough start to their Olympics but it ended as it was expected to, as champions. 

Career: Pamela McGee

Pamela McGee was not a professional basketball player in the United States of America for long as the WNBA started in 1997 and she was already 34 by the time. 

She played in Sacramento Monarchs and Los Angeles Sparks before retiring. Regardless of her short WNBA career, she is a Basketball Hall of Famer. 

McGee won back-to-back NCAA Championships with the University of South Carolina. In 1984, she won the Olympics gold medal with the rest of the team in the women’s basketball event. 

She also has multiple World Championships to her name. Pamela McGee became the first-ever WNBA mom to have a son in the NBA and a daughter in the WNBA.

Career: JaVale McGee

Speaking of Pamela’s son in the NBA, JaVale McGee is not just any basketball player as he is a 3 time NBA champion. 

JaVale won 2 of his championships while playing with the Golden State Warriors, alongside greats such as Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. 

He then won his 3rd ring with the Los Angeles Lakers alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. After winning against France, JaVale McGee now adds an Olympics Gold Medal to his list of achievements. 

JaVale McGee might not have been the most dominant player in any of the teams that he played but he definitely provided much-needed support to all the teams.

Team USA wins the Gold medal in Basketball

With a performance for the history books by Kevin Durant, Team USA cruised to the Olympics Gold. Durant put up 29 points with a 9/18 shooting. 

Durant is now a 3 time Olympic Gold medalist, joining Carmelo Anthony. Jayson Tatum was also in the zone tonight as he scored 19 points off the bench. Fournier and Gobert did well for France but it wasn’t enough as they both dropped 16 points each. 

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