Tokyo Olympics 2021 - Men's Basketball Schedule | Teams | Groups

The Tokyo Olympics will finally take center stage for the next few days and the contingents for Basketball are all set. 

With several Friendly matches going around the globe, we are in for an exciting season of International Basketball matchups at the Tokyo 2020.

This year, a new format of Qualification has been introduced for both the Men's and Women's competitions.

A total of 12 teams will be divided into 3 groups. The Top 2 teams of each group will qualify and the two best third teams placed in both the Groups will qualify alongside them.

All the Matches for Men and Women will be held at Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

Let us have a look at the Men's Groups and Their Fixtures:

Group A🏀
Czech Republic

Group A Men's Basketball Schedule Tokyo Olympics

25 July 2021Iran vs Czech Republic10:00 AM (JST)
25 July 2021France vs USA9:00 PM (JST)
28 July 2021USA vs Iran1:40 PM (JST)
28 July 2021Czech Republic vs France9:00 PM (JST)
31 July 2021Iran vs France10:00 AM (JST)
31 July 2021USA vs Czech Republic9:00 PM (JST)

Group B🏀

Group B Men's Basketball Schedule Tokyo Olympics

25 July 2021Germany vs Italy1:40 PM (JST)
25 July 2021Australia vs Nigeria5:20 PM (JST)
28 July 2021Nigeria vs Germany 10:00 AM (JST)
28 July 2021Italy vs Australia5:20 PM (JST)
31 July 2021Italy vs Nigeria1:40 PM (JST)
31 July 2021Australia vs Germany5:20 PM (JST)

Group C🏀

Group C Men's Basketball Schedule Tokyo Olympics

26 July 2021Argentina vs Slovenia1:40 PM (JST)
26 July 2021Japan vs Spain9:00 PM (JST)
29 July 2021Slovenia vs Japan1:40 PM (JST)
29 July 2021Spain vs Argentina9:00 PM (JST)
1 August 2021Argentina vs Japan1:40 PM (JST)
1 August 2021Spain vs Slovenia5:20 PM (JST)

Quarter-Finals Schedule - Men's Basketball - 3rd August 2021

3 August 2021Quarter-Final 110:00 AM (JST)
3 August 2021Quarter-Final 21:40 PM (JST)
3 August 2021Quarter-Final 35:20 PM (JST)
3 August 2021Quarter-Final 49:00 PM (JST)

Semi-Finals Schedule - 5th August 2021

5 August 2021Semi-Final 11:15 PM (JST)
5 August 2021Semi-Final 28:00 PM (JST)

🥉Bronze Medal Match - 7th August 2021 at 8.00 PM - JST

🥇Gold Medal Match - 7th August 2021 at 11.30 AM - JST

With the excitement of almost all the players coming back from their club schedules to represent their respective countries, we are here for a stacked Tokyo Olympics this year. Wil USA being clear favorites to win the Gold, it has become very unpredictable considering their recent struggles at the friendlies in Las Vegas

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